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Introducing Evolve Pediatrics, LLC

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All About Evolve Pediatrics, LLC

Comprehensive, Individualized Occupational Therapy. 

The goal at Evolve Pediatrics is to provide functional, comprehensive, and individualized therapeutic treatment including, but not limited to, physical (gross and fine motor), neuromuscular, sensory, and self-feeding/oral motor therapeutic services to meet the child’s needs and promote success in daily activities.

Evolve Pediatrics will have two occupational therapists (OT) specializing within the pediatric and early intervention setting. The OTs have a combined nearly 20 years of experience. The OTs will be able to provide individualized services to families and children, ages birth to 22 years.

When we started First Steps, my daughter had a G-tube. My daughter had a long list of medical obstacles and so oral feeding on her own was a priority. My daughter had issues with food textures, controlling her tongue while she chewed, gagging on her food and occasional aspirating. OT intervention, which includes weekly therapy, exercises, commitment, educating parents and care givers and lots of patience, taught my daughter how to chew without gagging, how to hold her tongue while she chewed and overcome food textural obstacles. My daughter no longer dreaded meal time and snacks became a treat instead of a frustration. My daughter went from failure to thrive and severely underweight to a healthy, thriving toddler. I watched as my daughter became Independent enough eating orally to graduate from her G-tube and have it removed. 

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2480H US 41, Suite 80

 Henderson, KY 42420

Phone: 270-823-3875

Fax: 270-212-0271

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