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Dreams are coming true

Updated: May 2, 2021

WOW, this last year has been a world wind! So many emotions from us as we are beginning our renovations and getting ready to open our doors! Painting, carpeting, and fixtures have been a family affair. Thankful for toys, picnic tables, and lots of snacks; we were able to keep our kiddos occupied as we painted and cleaned.

For co-owner and OT, Kasie, the dream of opening her own clinic has been in her heart for over 10 years. Malyssa, also co-owner and OT, has been driven from the beginning. Both of us are so excited and our hearts are so full as we begin this journey.

We hope sharing this renovation journey will allow you all to get to know us and keep you updated with our progress!

We are hoping my mid-summer we will begin accepting referrals! Please reach out if any of you have any questions about Evolve!

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